The Value of Training Partners

By Kelly Propst

The act of running can be done solo. Granted, to compete, you need others to run against. But to train, a runner needs only him/herself to go out, hit the ground and cover some miles. This sheer fact makes running extremely appealing to many individuals. And while quality training can be carried out by a solo runner under their own tutelage, immense value can be added by training with a partner. Just as both measurable and immeasurable gains can be made by training under the guidance of a coach. For the purpose of this short article, the ways in which a training partner can be of value will be addressed. Continue reading

RUNNING GEAR: The Essentials and more

As a military spouse, I’ve had the opportunity to live in diverse geographic locations – Texas, Kansas, Alaska, Germany, North Carolina, and Washington State – accumulating an assorted collection of running gear.  I am well equipped to run in a wide spectrum of weather conditions.

A good running wardrobe is the result of gradual accumulation.  Items have been purchased as a need was identified.  When I have the right gear for my current weather conditions, I can focus my mental energy on executing a great run.  That’s what is most important. Continue reading

Why You Should Hire a Coach

Call me slightly biased, but I believe that all runners can benefit from a coach.  Most runners are intelligent, self-motivated, and enthusiastic by nature.  In fact, many runners are quite knowledgeable about the science of running through books, magazines, websites, and personal experience.  So why invest in a running coach?  Runners can benefit from a positive coaching experience – here are some of the reasons to hire a coach. Continue reading