Inclement Weather: How to Protect Technology

IThe rain and fog have returned to the Pacific Northwest after a mostly pleasant fall and winter.  Its rain where you are soaked once you step out the door.

I grew up training in these weather conditions.  When you don’t know any different, you naturally adapt and get on with training.  However, after seven moves to different geographic locations, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks to protecting my technology – smartphone and key FOB – from water and sweat damage.

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Race Day Preparation: The Marathon Taper    

After many weeks and months of base building and marathon-specific training, runners tend to be overly excited to reach the taper phase of training.  Yes, the decrease in work load sounds lovely after completing the last long run three weeks prior to race day.  However, the last few weeks before stepping up to the start line can be filled with anxiety.  Here’s what I know from experience, and from that of many friends and clients; the taper can be a time of struggle.

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Race Day Preparation: Logistics

After spending a large amount of time training for race day, it is easy to forget to consider race day logistics.  As race day approaches, the last thing I want my runners to be concerned about is race day logistics.  These are the small details that make race day run smoothly, for you and your support crew.  Race websites and Facebook pages are great sources of information.  Begin there for your race day logistics planning.

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