Additional Coaching Services

Training Plan Development and/or Review

3-month ($100) or 6-month ($175) plan review

Are you an experienced runner who wants more control in your training?  Take a hands-on approach to creating and managing your own training. Together, we  collaborate on an effective strategy to safely reach your goals. You will be guided through the process of creating a training plan that follows proven strategies and principles. This is a great alternative for the seasoned runner who wants more control of things but still needs a coach to guide the way.

How does it work? We connect  on Facetime or another video platform – or in person if you’re local –  to review your running history, short and long term goals, and lifestyle variables. Together, we sketch out a plan based on cycles (microcycles, mesocycles and macrocycles), then insert your schedule, preferences, and lifestyle limitations. We build each phase using proven methods for building base, strength, stamina, speed, race prep, and recovery with emphasis on your unique needs. The final review ensures your mileage volume, training paces, long runs, speed work and recovery are in total balance and appropriate for your goals. When we’re done, you’ll have a training blueprint that makes sense!

This option comes with access to all the tools available to SSF Runners; private Facebook page and Final Surge platform AND full access to Coach Harboe to monitor and guide your progress. You simply manage your own plan and get the help when you need it.


Pacing Services

Race and travel fees paid by client
$25 Physical Readiness Training (PRT) pacing for active duty military

Pacing is the most personal service offered. I run with you – at your pace – over a predetermined route and distance during a race.

With this service, it’s all about YOU!

I have paced novice runners in their very first road race to more experienced men and women in races ranging in distance from 5k to the marathon.  Active duty military members  have met or exceeded PT test run times by utilizing my pacing services.

This service is ideal for athletes who typically have difficulty executing a race plan. Pacing sessions involve running alongside your coach with the intention of completing specific race objectives with the benefit of real time feedback, motivation and support. Much like working with a personal trainer in a gym, private pacing sessions are exclusively focused on your running!

This service necessitates a 72-hour booking notice, pending availability.  Pacing services require a one-time assessment for new clients.