individual training

Want to complete a ‘bucket list’ race?

Returning to running after an injury or long break?

Considering a progression from shorter distances to half or full marathons?

Seeking improvement at a specific race distance?

Attempting to qualify for the Boston Marathon?

Whatever your goals may be, I teach people the fundamentals of running to train smart, build strength, increase mental confidence, reduce the risk of injury, all while enjoying the process.

You supply motivation and eagerness to learn.  I supply knowledge and experience.  A healthy collaboration between coach and athlete yield the greatest results.


 Personalized training created to fit your life.  The concept is simple; one price that allows athletes unlimited access to run coaching services.


  • Contact the coach.

Talk with Coach Harboe to see how she can help you achieve goals.

  • Access to Coach Harboe.

Support via email, phone and text.

  • Running history review.

A running history review gives Coach Harboe a starting point to create new, personalized training.

  • Individualized training plan.

Designed specifically for you, with consideration for your schedule and goals.

  • Free Final Surge account.

Receive training via desktop or mobile device.

  • No contract.  Pro-rated refund for unused training. 



Contact Coach Harboe via email to schedule a phone conversation.  We’ll talk about your running history, current  obligations, and goals.  I’ll then share my thoughts on a plan of action for training.  We can talk about the coaching process and support systems available to you.

If you decide the program is right for you, we proceed to STEP 2.







Once you commit to training, you’ll receive an email with instructions to set up a free Final Surge account and links to New Athlete Questionnaire and Liability Waivers.  You will also receive an invoice from Square.  Payments are due the 1st of each month.


Time to start training.  Coach Harboe will be in contact within a few days.  It generally takes 3-4 days to create and upload training into Final Surge.  It’s not unusual to experience some bumps in training, as we work together to smooth out the schedule best for you.

Once you’re off and running, expect communication via email, text, Facebook, or phone to stay motivated and on track.  Reach out to Coach Harboe for any reason, big or small.