How to Execute Quality Speed Work

When planning for success, the focus tends to rest on the what and the how.  For example, when we set running goals, we – or a coach – create detailed plans on what type of training to perform and how to run each individual workout.

When it comes to speed work, also known as intervals, attention to small details builds mental confidence while minimizing mistakes.

What is the most common mistake in an interval workout?  Starting out too fast.

Every runner can be fast at the start.

Only the smart runner is fast at the end.

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Recommended Reading List


Those closest to me know I am a voracious reader.  In my world, life without a book to read isn’t worth living.

Reading for pleasure, rather than for academic purposes, allows me to explore a wide variety of genres.  Of course, many of the books I choose to read revolve around running and general health.  However, I also find myself looking beyond the sport-specific literature for more widely-applicable subjects.  An autobiography has provided mental fortitude during difficult times.  A collection of vignettes has kept me chuckling way beyond my usual bed time.  Social science has promoted self-refection on my habits and routines, confirming areas where I am on the right track and areas that need improvement. Continue reading