A comprehensive 18-week marathon training program to achieve a Boston Qualifying (BQ) finishing time.

Open to all Williamsburg, VA-area runners.

Destination: Boston Details

Start Date: 27 OCTOBER 2019

Training Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday

BQ Race: One City Marathon, Newport News, VA (01 MARCH 2020)

Program Fee: $400 (payable as one-time fee or 4-monthly payments – NOV 2019 thru FEB 2020)

Additional Program Option: Strength Training with Coach Harboe or Coach David Piggott at PESFIT Health and Performance Center (Personal Training rates apply)

Destination: Boston Program Benefits

Experienced & Educated Coach

Experience and knowledge matter, allowing me to complete 10 BQ marathons and 3 Boston Marathons , again in 2020 . I understand the drive and desire to BQ, and how periodized, course-specific training in conjunction with endurance-specific strength training leads to a BQ finishing time. Twenty-six years of racing coupled with almost twenty years of coaching are at your disposal.

Everything you’ve wanted to learn about running a strong marathon, you’ll learn throughout the program. Topics include:

  • The ‘why-ology’ of each and every workout, for purpose-driven training
  • The proper effort – heart rate, pace, and/or RPE – of each workout based on your specific fitness and goal time Pre-run warm-up routine to prime your body for training and racing
  • Fuel and hydration during long runs
  • Monthly analysis of your running shoe wear pattern to identify faulty movement patterns, potentially causing nagging pain or injury
  • Importance of daily nutrition, hydration, sleep, and functional movement and their effects on training
  • How your mindset affects performance
  • Links to videos, articles and podcasts to enhance knowledge, stay informed on the latest research, and understand best practices for training
  • Individual race plan, capitalizing on strengths while minimizing your weaknesses
  • Pre-race checklist, ensuring you are ready for race day
  • Two-week marathon recovery plan
Weekly Team Runs

Training for a BQ requires the support of your teammates, training together twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday). You’ve heard the saying “Sorrows divided, joys multiplied.” No one achieves goals on their own.

Final Surge training platform

Free access to the Destination: Boston training calendar via Final Surge. Each workout includes the ‘why-ology’ – what and why – and explains how each training phase supports the overall goal of BQ. You’ll never NOT know the purpose of your training.

Accountability & Support

Challenges will arise over the course of 18-weeks. Accountability and support from myself and your teammates will help with motivation when doubt begins to creep in.

Beyond BQ

Once you BQ, I walk you through the September 2020 registration process and share the logistics of “running” Boston, beyond the race itself. You’ll arrive at the start line well-prepared for Boston Marathon 2021.

Destination: Boston Prerequisites

  • Marathon finishing time within 15 minutes of Boston Qualifying standard, completed within past 18 months.
  • Four weeks of consistent training 4x per week and long run distance capability of 13 miles leading up to 27 OCT start date.

Have Questions?

Utilize the CONTACT button with additional questions. Please include Destination: Boston in the message.

Out-of-town runner and interested in trying to BQ? No problem. Utilize the INDIVIDUAL TRAINING link.