Three-way clamshells

I ❤️ my 9″ mini resistance bands!

Clamshells are great to build glute and TFL strength, but the side position isn’t my favorite. Ta-da! Seated 3-way mini resistance band clamshells.

What to do:

  1. Place the mini band right below (more advanced) or right above (a bit easier) your knees. Whichever location you choose or whatever resistance mini band you use, just make sure you feel your glutes and outside your hips actually working.
  2. Sit on the edge of the bench and your feet about hip-width apart. Then press your knees open against the band, using your glutes to open the band.
  3. Begin with the forward hip hinge, then sitting tall, and finish leaning back.

Alter the location and ‘weight’ of the resistance band to progress or regress the movement for your current level of fitness.

Stephanie Harboe is a RRCA-certified running coach and NASM-certified personal trainer.

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