Y-T-A’s for shoulder mobility & strength

Time to change things up! Let’s talk upper body exercises.

It not secret that smart phones have lead to an increase in poor posture – heads protruding forward, slumped spines, and rounded shoulders.
Y-T-A’s are a simple, yet effective exercise to regain better upper body posture, muscle strength, and mobility.

Running is a symmetrical activity, where good form encourages motion and power in forward direction. Poor upper body posture in daily life influences running form. Arms that swing toward or across the mid-line of the body introduce side-to-side torsion on the upper body, decreasing running efficiency.

Cuing: Use a mirror to identify the point when shoulder start creeping upward toward the ears. In the “A” position, ensure palms rotate out, thumbs facing backward.

Last reminder: Lower body stance DOES matter! Keep the feet facing forward, hip-to-shoulder width apart. Knee should be in alignment with the hip and 2nd/3rd toes of each foot.

Tempo: 4-2-1 (1″ muscle contraction, 2″ isometric hold, 4″ slow return to start)

Progressions: resistance bands, TRX, dumbbells

Stephanie Harboe is a RRCA-certified running coach and NASM-certified personal trainer.

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